Lovely University Di Kudi Di Video Hoyi VIRAL

A shocking video has been leaked online of a girl studying at Lovely University who is believed to be the Principal’s daughter with her African boyfriend.Many parents send their kids to the best colleges and even take out short term high interest loans just to pay for the fees.

However, these youngsters do not seem bothered that their parents will have to struggle night and day to pay off the loan with a high interest.Aa ta bhot hi besharmi wali gal hai ke ik desi punjabi kudi kise kale munde nal aa kujj kar rahi hai video dekho te share karo.Eh video bhot viral ho reha hai.The financial situation in India has not helped at all with the ‘note bandi’ because loan companies and banks are taking advantage by increasing the interest rates on loans as they know people are desperate.

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