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3 Peg 2 By Happy Manila

A New Punjabi Funny Song “3 Peg 2” By Famous Punjabi Singer Happy Manila.Music of this Song is composed by HME Music & Lyrics are written by Happy Manila.Suno Happy Manila da nava funny geet 3 Peg 2 te share karo. Gal Sun Lai Jagiro Kann Khol Ke Vote Iss Vari Paoni Naap Tol Ke […]

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Viah te jagda ho gia

In this video clip you can see Viah te jagda ho gia.This is a very funny video dekho kida ik viah ch ik song na lagan te fuffr DJ wale nal ladpeya te bhot sare loka ne esnu hateya laradi karn to.Eh bhot hi funny video hao ik var jrror dekho te share karo vad […]

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500 de note da Shagan

In this video clip you can see 500 de note da Shagan.This is a very funny and viral video,The NDA government on Tuesday announced that it is banning use of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes, in its fight against the corruption, fake currency and black money. As soon as the the announcement was made, […]

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Ishqan De Lekhe 3 By Happy Manila

In this video clip you can see Ishqan De Lekhe 3 Lyrics is a parody/funny volume of the song which is crafted,sung and produced by Happy Manila.Dekho bhot hi funny song Happy Manile da te share karo.We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching […]

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Very Funny Vivah moment

In this video clip you can see Very Funny Vivah moment.This is a very very funny video and this is viral video,eh video dekh ke tusi heran v hovoge te sochoge v but eh sach hai sachi es dulhe nal eida hoeya hai.Viah de time te esda pajamai leh janda hai te sare eh dekh […]

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Dekho Funny video – Fatt gyee

In this video clip you can see Dekho Funny video-Fatt gyee.This is very funny video,Dekho bhot hi funny video eh ik double meaning video hai jisnu dekh ke tusi hearn ho jaoge te hassa v bhot aavega so dekho eh ik var video te share karo.Es video da naam meri toh fatt hi jaegi hai […]

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Awesome Comedy Mimicry Of Punjabi Singers

Laughter da master 2013 was a popular Punjabi Comedy show.Each episode of this show was really awesome,it is a Punjabi comedy talent hunt show which searches for best punjabi Comedian.The series of this show is still going on,this is one of the best comedy performance in Grand finale by comedian raghveer boli.He performed Mimicry of […]

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Johny Lever At His Best One

Johny Lever is One of the most famous comedian in hindi cinema. He is famous for his unique way of comedy. This video was taken from the kapil sharmas comedy show. In this video johny lever explained true love of a mother towards her son. May be you will start laughing at the beginning of […]

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Viah ch vichole de kamm..Lol

In this video clip you can see Viah ch vichole de kamm..Lol. This is very funny video, We full hope you like this video clip very much, so watch this video clip and enjoy it. Thanks for watching this video clip. Bhot hi funny video hai eh ik var jroor dekho hass hass ke tuhada […]

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Why India Cannot Attack Pakistan..

In this video clip you can watch a very funny video clip. As we everyone knows there are always not good relations with India and Pakistan. They both are neighbor countries. They both have fought many times. First time they fought in 1965 then 1n 1971. If we talk about nowadays it is nothing changed. […]

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