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Choti bachi nal karn laga si galth kamm per

In this video clip you can see Choti bachi nal karn laga si galth kamm per.This is very shameful and viral video,apne desi bande jithe jande ne koi na koi nava hi panga khra karde ne.Hun aa dekho es video ch ik 9 sal di bachi nal galth kamm karn laga si per osde ghrdeya […]

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Polish President’s wife denies Trump request for handshake

President Trump drew international headlines for declining to shake the hand of German Chancellor Angela Merkel when she visited the White House earlier this year.Now it seems the tables have turned. Poland’s First Lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, appears to have at first passed by Trump’s offer of a handshake during his visit to Warsaw.The President and […]

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Five People Almost Hit By Lightning

In Rainy season it is very common to see lighting around the sky.Sometimes it seems very wonderful but somethimes it can be very dangerous.Here we are going to show you five luckiest people of this world who was just aound to got hit by lighting from sky.It is really very shocking video,From a cop almost […]

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Dekho es kudi nal ki hoeya..

In this news story from Pakistan it is revealed how a group of men misbehaved with a female and then took her life after having their way with her. For those in this world with young children, these are the types of people who they wish to protect them from and rely on the judicial […]

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Doctor ne kudi nal galth kamm karke MMS kita Leak

In this video clip you can see Doctor ne kudi nal galth kamm karke MMS kita Leak.This is very shameful and shocking video,dekho es gatiya doctor di eh bhot hi ghtiya kartoot.Video purani hai per jo es doctor ne kita ik marej kudi nal oss nu dekh ke koi v doctor te jkeen nai karega […]

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Jado Munde ne Kudi nu Kabootri keha ta fer..

In this video clip you can see Jado Munde ne Kudi nu Kabootri keha ta fer..This is very shameful and viral video,dekho janta da haal bhar aa ke v nahi hatde eh video ch roda te ik kudi nu jado chereya ik munde ne ta fer dekho oss kudi ne kida rail banai osdi eida […]

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Jado Police ne kholeya cantener ta..

The solicitor’s office has released video and images from the Todd Kohlhepp case for the first time, including the rescue of Kala Brown, who was held captive on his property, and part of Kohlhepp’s confession to a quadruple killing.Todd Kohlhepp, 46, pleaded guilty to seven counts of murder, four counts of possession of a weapon […]

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Raato Raat Baniya 18000 CR Da Malik

Jack Ma, the charismatic founder of Alibaba, has all the more reason to be happy today. He is $2.8 billion richer after Alibaba shares surged 13% on Thursday following news the company expects revenue to surge 50% this year, much higher than expected.If revenue follow the Alibaba’s predictions, it will be the second year in […]

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Dekho duniya da sabse ameer bhikari

In this video clip you can see Dekho duniya da sabse ameer bhikari.This is very shocking and viral video,eh video dekh ke tusi jkeen nahi karohe ke ki ik bhikari v ena ameer ho sakda hai jo ke ik mahene da ik lakh to v vad kamunda hai ji ha eh sach hai te eh […]

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Man Catches Wife Cheating & Beats Her

One husband goes over to his wife who is hiding under the duvet cover and becomes to punch and slap her in the face several times before he uses a belt to continue the beating.He barges in on their hotel romp before unleashing a volley of punches — all of which was captured on film.An […]

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